Did you know that it is sponges inside printer cartridges that hold the ink? There is minimal ink in each cartridge, that’s why they run out so quickly.

Some low cost inkjet printers waste a lot of ink cleaning their print heads. Try removing the ink cartridge and rubbing the head with a cotton bud dipped in hot water. Dry it and return to the printer.

Inkjet printers are clever pieces of equipment giving ink jets less than the width of a human hair 43,000 times/second.

Materializing objects out of a pool of liquid can make production speed up to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing, according to the startup Carbon3D. Designs come from liquid resin, and the media is solidified into the object using light and water!

In 1969, a graduate named Gary Starkweather, working in the copier department at Xerox, had a visionary idea. He wanted to utilise new laser technology to create a radically different type of printer. It would scan an image, transfer it electrostatically, and then use heat to fuse tiny specs of toner dust on to a piece of paper. After a decade of work the first commercial laser printers went on sale. At that time they were huge and very expensive.