Baths, showers and sinks

Baths allow you to wash, but it’s better to rinse off soap and dirt under a shower.

Showers have been around since Victorian times. In the 1970’s less than 20% of UK homes had a shower, today that has shot up to 85%.

Hot and cold water showers can be used in hydrotherapy (water therapy). The change in temperature of a warm shower followed by short bursts of cold water is said to help release tension then stimulate and invigorate the body.

Soaking in a warm bath, particularly with some aromatherapy bath salts, is an indulgent way to soothe aching muscles and sore feet, relieve stress and take some time for yourself. Immersing yourself in a bathtub of water helps take weight off of joints and muscles, and may be beneficial for arthritis, back pain, headaches, sports injuries and more.

Use water that’s warm, but not too hot. Very hot water can scald the skin or cause it to become dry.