UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris

Right now negotiators from 195 countries are meeting in Paris to agree on legally binding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the shadow of the recent atrocities in Paris, the COP21 (Conference of Parties), and particularly the worlds largest producers of greenhouse gases, China and the USA, will attempt to tackle the causes of climate change and come to a political agreement to make long lasting and effective changes.

The problem is, that last time they couldn’t agree, and as a result very little has been achieved. The omens are not good for consensus this time either and a watered down agreement is the most likely outcome.

Now is the time when a strong and binding agreement MUST be reached. The reality is that we are probably already to late to stop global average temperatures rising to a level that will cause extremely damaging climate change.

Unfortunately, it would seem that it is only when a dramatic climate originated event occurs either in Europe or the USA that the reality of the situation will come to the attention of the majority of the population. And by then it is going to be too late.

So let’s be positive and hope that these world leaders genuinely realise what is at stake and make the right decisions over the next 2 weeks for us, our children, and our grand children.

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