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TV’s consoles and games

energy cost for games consoles

Television’s energy consumption has reduced dramatically in recent years.

A 42” Plasma TV watched for 4 hours a day could cost you up to

£60 per year (= 205kg of CO₂)

whereas a 42” LED TV may only cost you around

£10 per year (= 34kg of CO₂)

saving up to

£50 per year (= 171kg of CO₂)

On standby a PS4 still uses 10 watts of power per hour. Assuming an average of 21 hours spent on standby a day, by turning it off at the plug would save you £11 per year = 36kg of CO₂.

Approximate cost of using a games console per year including standby. Wii U £13, PS4 £35, Xbox One £43. Be careful how you use your console and switch it off when not in use.

Modern TV’s left on standby for 20 hours a day only use a tiny amount of energy, costing about 50 pence per year. This is very little but it is still better to turn your TV off completely.