Student travel

16-25 Railcard

This is an absolute must for every student. It gives you a third off rail travel across the UK and can save hundreds of pounds over the course of a degree.

The 16-25 railcard costs £70 for three years, making it a real money-saver.

You can even buy one before your 24th birthday to lock in a third off rail fares until you’re 27!

If you have a car and leave it at home you will also be reducing your CO₂ imprint by using the train. ​

Ride the bus for less

​If you catch the bus every day, a student bus pass usually works out cheaper than the daily fares added together. Contact your local bus company for details.

Use Uber

Avoid conventional black cabs, call your taxi through the Uber app and save around 50% on taxi rides in most UK cities. One thing to watch out for is when Uber are busy (e.g. during the build up to an event) they can impose some pretty hefty surcharges.

Paid for commuting

Here’s a cool idea, if you make the same journey to uni every day, check out Nimber. They are looking for people to make deliveries for a fee, you could pay for your journey or if you cycle or walk, even make a few quid.

Walking and cycling

Try walking or cycling instead of using a car or public transport. It will keep you fit and save you on gym costs.

If you need a lift home, it is worth checking Bla Bla Car where you can search for people traveling the same way as you who are willing to give you a lift for a small charge – this can be much cheaper than taking the train.