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Don’t pay for software

Of course we are not suggesting anything illegal here, but there are lots of alternative software programmes that could save you loads of money. Here are just a few, tell your friends and they may have other ideas as well.


It’s easy to spend £150 on textbooks. Here are a few tricks to save up to £100+.

  • Use books from the library.
  • Photocopy necessary pages.
  • Keep an eye on notice boards for second hand book sales and speak to your course mates to see if you can borrow or photocopy their books. You may have to sweeten the deal with a little gift to keep them happy, find out their choice!
  • Check on-line for low cost deals on textbooks, Amazon is usually the first port of call for discounts. But also try discount online retailers like AbeBooks as well, and even second hand shops.
  • There are some price comparison sites that are worth having a look at – Best Book Price is probably your top bet – it pinpoints the best deals across the web.

Many of these ideas also help reduce the number of trees we have to cut down to make more books.