Spike in hedgehog sightings in Ipswich

Based on an article in Suffolk Wildlife Trust magazine May 2016.

Over the last 2 years Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) have been running an on-line survey to log all hedgehog sightings. The results have been very interesting and although hedgehogs have been recorded throughout the whole county by far the greatest numbers recorded are associated with our towns, in particular Ipswich. Sightings have been most prevalent in areas with houses and gardens.

This suggests that despite the dramatic decline recorded nationally, Ipswich still has plenty of hedgehogs.

Useful information gathered about habitat quality suggests that what is now needed is more gardens to become hedgehog friendly, by allowing them access through fences, under gates and providing small wild corners for them to shelter all year round.

This is not a new concept  – the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species have been promoting this, through their ‘Hedgehog Street’ initiative.

A generous donation from BHPS to SWT means that SWT can now deliver the message of ‘Hedgehog Street’ in key locations across Ipswich. They are also working with BBC Radio Suffolk on the ‘Going the Whole Hog Initiative’ which is helping to highlight the plight of our hedgehogs and how we can all contribute to securing their future.

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