Solar PV

Photovoltaic or PV panels convert light energy into electricity (unlike the less effective old-school panels that needed direct sunlight and heat energy to work); the more light converted into electricity, the less electricity you’ll need from your energy provider and therefore the lower your bill at home or at your place of work.

When the solar PV system is generating power it automatically feeds the appliances you are using at the time, avoiding ‘importing’ electricity from the grid, and reducing your electricity bill.

Savings can be maximised by using electrical appliances (such as dishwashers and washing machines), during the day to take advantage of the free solar electricity.

Solar for business makes even more sense, as consumption is highest during the day. This means a greater proportion of the energy generated can be used on site, meaning faster returns.

If your solar panels are not generating enough electricity for your needs, or it is dark, your home will “import” any electricity needed from the grid as normal. You won’t notice any change in the way electricity is delivered to your property.

Fantastic free electricity – save money and the environment.

Solar PV panel laying (image: Genfit Ltd)