So what can we do?

It is quite obvious that the negatives of CO₂ increase outweigh the positives by a huge magnitude but still – Many say do nothing, we will have to adapt to a changing planet. Maybe they are right, but what if they are not. Can we take the chance?

It is interesting that even if there was concerted international action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and if the atmospheric levels of those gases were significantly decreased to levels of pre-industrial times, the Earth’s average temperature is still going to continue to rise for a period of a decade or two.

This website shows ways for everyone to make a difference – no matter how small. Everyone making a small difference adds up to a huge difference – start now!

On a larger scale there are a multitude of things to do:

We need to press industry to make energy guzzling products more efficient.

We need to find more environmentally friendly ways to produce energy.

We need to find a way out of the materialistic cycle.

We could try capturing CO₂, then storing it using:

  • Sub surface saline aquifers
  • Deep ocean water
  • Ageing oil fields
  • Unusable coal seams
  • Construction
  • A range of durable products thus sequestering its carbon over years or even centuries

The planet’s population will continue to rise, to perhaps 9 billion sometime this century, according to a middle-of-the-road United Nations projection.

Climate change and population are interlinked in complex ways. Most obviously, population growth worsens climate change-more people on the planet means more carbon dioxide emissions. Somehow this will have to be addressed. The planet cannot accommodate an ever increasing population indefinitely.

You could say the problem seems insurmountable, maybe it is, but unless we try and try and try again, we do not know what our incredible species is capable of achieving. 


Sub surface saline aquifer (image: