Water saving ideas in your bathroom and toilet


Reduce your time under the power shower. If you reduce an 8 minute shower to a 4 minute shower you save around 68 litres of water and at the same time save up to £110 from water and energy use reduction.

A £30 aerated shower head can reduce water flow but won’t compromise on shower pressure. They maintain the pressure by mixing air with water to produce a steady even spray. An 8 minute power shower will use 41 litres less hot water and save you 18p per shower on water and energy.

Reduce time under the power shower and save money.


The average bath uses 80 litres of water. Try reducing the depth of water or even sharing it with someone else!

If you are buying a new bath, look for one with a lower water capacity.

Sink (brushing your teeth or shaving)

Aerated or regulated flow taps with a low flow rate can be fitted to bathroom sinks.

If you’re not replacing taps or shower units, you can still save water by fitting flow regulators to showers and aerators to taps. Flow devices are easy to install. They often contain precision-made holes, filters or flow aerators to regulate the flow of water without changing how it feels to you.

Remember to turn off the tap whilst you are actually brushing your teeth, this could save 3.5 litres of unused water disappearing down the plughole. Alternatively use a glass of water for rinsing your mouth and you could save up to 4 litres each time you brush your teeth. This only saves about £6 per year (per person), but it all counts.

When shaving, turn off the water except to rinse the blade, or use a small volume of hot water in the sink for the whole shave.

Remember to turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth.


Toilet flushing accounts for 30% of our daily water use. Don’t flush the toilet as frequently (you can wee 2 or 3 times before flushing), to save water and money.

Also add a dual flush system if you don’t already have one, which uses 6 litres of water to flush solid waste and just 3 litres to flush liquid. On average we go to the loo 5 times a day, just once for solid waste. That means we could save around 4,380 litres of water a year which is around £35.

If you have an old style toilet this could be using up to 13 litres of water for each flush. Put a 3 litre container full of water in the cistern and it will reduce water usage immediately and save a family of 4 around £44 per year.

Don’t flush the toilet as frequently (you can wee 2 or 3 times before flushing), to save water and money.