Washing Machine

Washing machines are owned by 96% of UK homes and they are made to work hard, going through an average of 250 standard wash cycles each year. As much as 90% of the electricity used by a washing machine is used to heat the water, EcoFrenzy will show you how to save money, energy, water and the environment when using your machine.

Reducing the wash temperature dramatically reduces running costs.

An A rated machine run on a 40C program will cost about 7p. The same machine using a 30C program will cost about 4p

Using the washing machine 5 times per week over the course of 1 year on the lower setting will save about £8 (= 26kg of CO₂)

The most efficient washing machines use about 33 litres of water per wash cycle whilst the worst use 72 litres. Using a standard 40C washing programme 5 times a week for a year (filling the drum to 80% capacity) the difference in water used amounts to nearly 9,750 litres, a saving of about £20 on your water bill.

Sometimes paying for a more expensive washing machine can be financially beneficial over its lifetime. For example, a £400 machine, which uses 150kWh per year may last 20 years compared to a £200 machine which also uses 150kWh per year but only lasts 5 years. Over a 20 year period, this could save a total of £400 or an average of £20 per year.

When purchasing a new washing machine, search for these money saving and environmentally friendly features.


​A new A+++ energy efficient washing machine may use up to 40% less energy than an old inefficient model. Look for longevity too, although it may cost more initially, if running costs are less and the machine lasts 20 years instead of 5, it is better for you and the environment.


Make sure there is an ‘economy’ setting on your machine.


Buy a front load washing machine rather than a top loader because it requires much less water, holds larger loads and saves energy in reduced water heating.


​Try and choose a washing machine that uses the least volume of water per wash. Picking a drum size that best suits your needs will ensure no energy or water is wasted. A 6-7kg capacity washing machine will normally be sufficient for a couple, a 7-8kg for a family of four and a 9kg +  for a larger family.