Parking, MOT’s and insurance

Avoid excessive parking charges

Rent someone’s drive, savings can be up to 50% on normal parking fees, check out Your Parking Space.

Beat MOT fails​

Find hidden ‘fewer fails’ centres. Council MOT centres are mainly to look after buses and ambulances, but they’re also open to the public. As they don’t do repairs, there’s no vested interest to fail you, just to keep you safe. Find your nearest council MOT centre here.

Ready to renew your car insurance?

Don’t just leave it to your current insurer, they will probably charge you way over the odds. Check the comparison sites such as or Don’t forget to check companies not on comparison sites, such as Aviva or Direct Line, they can also offer great deals.

Interested in greener car insurance?

You could consider eco-friendly car insurance. The Co-Op car insurance offsets 20% of your car’s CO₂emissions and have an ethical engagement policy –  you can even save 10% when you apply on line.

AA/RAC cover – don’t just renew​

If you do, you’ll pay way over the odds. When the big two renew, they can cost £££s. Yet breakdown firms are among the easiest to haggle with – in a recent poll, 88% of AA and 86% of RAC members who tried to haggle were successful and paid less. Give it a go!

Second drivers

Adding mum, dad or auntie Dot to your car insurance can CUT not ADD to costs. You’d think having more drivers on a policy means a higher price. Yet adding a responsible driver can lower your risk average and reduce your car insurance costs by ££’s