Mobile Phones

MOBILE PHONES has been one of the most interesting subject areas we have so far investigated. We discovered that it is not the actual use of the phone itself that uses much electricity, but the manufacture and data centre infrastructure behind the scenes that is so energy hungry. You may find this a fascinating section…

Charging your phone for 4 hours a day only costs around 80p per year. Peanuts you might say. So use your smart phone instead of a PC to access the internet, saving up to​

£23 per year (= 77kg of CO₂)

Read newspapers and magazines online for free! The Sun costs 40p a day (Mon – Sat), but read it online and save nearly £125 a year (= 121kg of CO₂). The Daily Telegraph costs £1.20 per day (Mon – Sat), read it on your mobile and save £374 a year (=360kg of CO₂).

If you already have a smart phone, you can save up to £200 per year by switching over to a SIM card only deal. By retaining your current phone, this also reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing and supplying a new phone by between 16kg and 70kg of CO₂.

When purchasing a new mobile phone, search for these money and energy saving features


Look for a mobile with a long battery life – less time and therefore energy will be spent charging your phone.


Look for phones that use a large number of recyclable materials in their construction.


Look for phones certified as carbon free making them very eco-friendly.


Some mobile phone manufactures have recycling programmes that allows customers to return any product for free so that the parts can be reused.