An electric kettle uses a surprising amount of energy! But by using EcoFrenzy’s simple money saving techniques when boiling your humble kettle, it is amazing what a difference you could make to your energy bills whilst also helping the environment.

People often boil far more water than they require, so boil just enough for your cup / cups to start saving money.

Boiling 1 litre of water costs around 1.8p

Boiling 1 cup (385ml) of water costs around 0.7p

Based on 5 x 1 cup boils per day – the savings per year would be around £20 (= 69kg of CO₂)

The most efficient electric kettles can use up to 30% less energy than the average product. This saves 0.54p every time you boil 1 litre of water. If boiled 5 times per day, over 1 year this would save around £10 = 34kg of CO₂.

Make 2 cups of tea (1 for you and 1 for a friend) at the same time using the same teabag. If you make 4 cups of tea a day you could save £16+ per year!

Kettles with a temperature selector are useful – green tea is best brewed at 80˚C and coffee at 90˚C – over the course of a year if you only drink green tea you could save around £5 = 17kg of CO₂.

When purchasing a new kettle, search for these money saving and environmentally friendly features.


Allows you to only heat the volume of water you need.


Enables you to heat water to 80C or 90C, as well as boil it.


Insulation reduces the number of times you need to switch on the kettle because you can have multiple cups for the energy cost of 1 boil.


Boil only the amount of water you need by seeing how much water is in the kettle.


Look for a kettle with a heating element which is concealed by a stainless steel plate. This means you can put in just the amount of water you need rather than having to make sure you’ve covered the whole element.


​Try and choose a cylindrical shaped kettle rather than one that is wider at the bottom. The cylindrical shape means that the minimum fill is less, requiring a shorter boiling time.