Standard hairdryers use almost 95% of their energy to heat air and only 5% to blow it. ​Eco hairdryers try to balance things up, concentrating energy into airflow, which is a much more energy efficient way of drying hair. Although savings are small EcoFrenzy shows you how you can save money and energy when using your hair dryer.

Using an 1800W hairdryer 4 times a week for 10 minutes can cost you​ £9 per year (= 29kg of CO₂) Try towelling down or air drying your hair instead to save money and reduce CO₂ output

Try and use the lowest setting on your hairdryer. This could be a difference of 800W. If you use the hairdryer 4 times a week for a year, this could save you £4 = 13kg of CO₂.

Buying an energy efficient hairdryer has the same effect as one that uses more energy, it still drys your hair!! A 1000 watt hairdryer, compared to an 1800 watt dryer can save you £4 per year as well as 13kg of CO₂.

When purchasing a new hairdryer, search for these money and energy saving features

ECO Hair dryer

Look for an ECO hair dryer with high air flow to reduce the energy required to dry your hair.

​Multiple settings

Hair dryers with more than 1 setting for air flow and heat give you flexibility with output and energy consumption.

Match the hair dryer to your hair type

Find a hair dryer that suits your hair type, texture, styling needs and lifestyle. Fine, thin or damaged strands require lower power output than thick and wavy hair.

Auto shut-off

An Auto Shut-off option is useful to help prevent your drier overheating

Removable air intake grill/lint filter

This feature will help to extend the life of your hair dryer’s motor.


Always look for a hair dryer with a warranty. Cheaper, non brand models available at discounts may or may not offer warranties of any kind. It is better to have it repaired / recycled rather than throw it away.