What to do with leftovers and packaging after a meal

Reuse or recycle packaging

​Try and reuse whatever packaging you can, such as glass jars or bottles. Anything that is recyclable, put it in the appropriate bin or take it to your local re-cycling centre.

Compost inedible leftovers

f you have inedible leftovers, peelings, food scraps or even cardboard they can all be composted either at home or you can give them to local organisations who will gladly accept them to turn them into compost.

Compost inedible leftovers.

Recycle used cooking oil

Used cooking oil, when cool, should be poured into a sealed plastic bottle and taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre for recycling. Check with your local council for details. Do NOT pour it down the sink.

Semi solid fats and oils

Unfortunately semi solid fat (wrapped in kitchen towel), or small amounts of used, cooled cooking oil soaked up in newspaper will have to go in your landfill bin (or food waste bin if permitted in your area).

Use a sink strainer

​Sink strainers will catch the smaller scraps that you might rinse off your plates, pots and pans after a meal, helping to keep your drainpipes free from blockages.