Save £££’s when shopping (whilst making good environmental decisions)

Buy imperfect shaped (ugly!) fruit and veg

​If you are buying from a local farmer or farmers market, the fruit and veg may be the ‘wrong’ shape but they still taste the same (or most probably better). Supermarkets, who mostly plough imperfectly shaped, but perfectly edible, produce back into the ground should be ashamed of themselves.

Buy and eat ugly fruit and veg. It tastes the same or better!

Buy local produce

​Buy local produce from local suppliers such as farmers, farmers markets or a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Co-op. You will help local business and reduce the food miles and your carbon dioxide imprint at the same time.

Buy products with minimal packaging

​Try to pick items with the least packaging to help reduce the world packaging/plastic pollution problem. If not possible at least make sure the packaging is made from recyclable material, and then recycle it.

Avoid purchasing pre-prepared frozen foods

Instead make them yourself, at home. Cooking using fresh ingredients means you know exactly what is going into your food, and, if you’re diligent about sourcing it, where it came from. This option also cuts out steps of your food’s lifecycle (and the associated energy in processing and transportation that comes from each step). It’s also often a healthier and cheaper option.