​STANDARD HAIRDRYERS use almost 95% of their energy to heat air and only 5% to blow it. ​Eco hairdryers try to balance things up, concentrating energy into airflow, which is a much more energy efficient way of drying hair. Although savings are small EcoFrenzy shows you how you can save energy when using your hair dryer.

When your hair is about 80% dry, use the cool shot button to set the final look of your hair style. The cool shot completes the drying and protects against overheating, saving energy (and a little money!).

Hairdryers with ionic technology create millions of negative ions which help to break down water molecules, allowing the blow dryer to dry your hair much faster and save you money. But be careful to switch it off when your hair is dry to avoid any damage.

Extended use of a blow dryer on high heat can use excessive energy and damage your hair.