Pollution is the presence in, or introduction into, the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. We seem to have forgotten about its consequences…

If there was a gold medal for pollution, man would win every time. We have become the masters at dumping horrible things into the natural environment and pretending they have no effect. If only that were true.

Just take a look around you as drive along a motorway, all that rubbish littering the side of the road. Do those people who lob that mess out of their vehicle believe that it will spontaneously disappear? Do those people who flush disposable nappies and wet wipes down the loo think they will miraculously dissolve into nothing? Sorry to mention this, but that isn’t the way it works.

We lob, chuck, pour, in-fact find every possible way to dispose of billions of tonnes of stuff without a second thought where it goes. Well unfortunately it is polluting our land, our seas and our air. Much like global warming, we are all in this together.

We all need to wake up.

The theme of our site is that every little helps, we can all throw up our hands and say what is the point, whatever I do makes no difference. That is where you are wrong. One person makes very little difference but you and 1,000 or 1,000,000 others can make a big difference – do not give up!!!

​There are several types of pollution, and while they may come from different sources and have different consequences, understanding the basics about pollution can help environmentally conscious individuals minimize their contribution to these dangers. In total, there are nine recognized sources of pollution in the modern world. These sources of pollution don’t simply have a negative impact on the natural world, but they can have a measurable effect on human health.