Other motoring savings and environmental facts

Lower your CO₂ footprint – buy a car with better fuel economy

A study in USA found the vast majority of CO₂ emissions – 86% – came from the car’s fuel use. Just 4% of emissions came from making and assembling the car.

Reduce your travel by telecommuting, or working from home​

This option is becoming increasingly viable for many office-based jobs, and if your workplace offers it, look into the potential of using it for at least some of your working week.

Burning petrol and diesel creates greenhouse gases

When we burn diesel and petrol in a vehicle, some greenhouse gases are emitted – carbon dioxide (CO₂) we know about, but there are other harmful greenhouse gases called nitrogen oxides (NOx). These are particularly harmful to us and thought to be responsible for up to 40,000 deaths in the UK every year.

Scary CO₂ statistic

An average driver travelling 12,000 miles in a medium sized car will emit 5.16 tonnes of CO₂ in one year. Ramp that up to the 31 million cars in UK = 160 million tonnes of CO₂ a year…

Car production creates pollution

The production of an average car before it is driven away by the new proud owner creates around 15 tons of waste and 75 million cubic metres of polluted air.