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Money saving tips and improvements if you have a central heating system

Low cost options

Put on a jumper and lower the room temperature
Lowering the thermostat temperature by 1.5°C can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

Check the water temperature on your boiler
If it is more than 65°C you are unnecessarily overheating water and wasting money.

Bleed your radiators to maximise their efficiency
Water passing through the whole system will increase the heat passing into each room.

Check your heating and hot water timer is set correctly
Check that the heating and hot water is timed to come on just before you wake up and turn off when you leave the house, there is no point wasting money to heat an empty home or heat water that won’t get used.

Switch to a cheaper or lower carbon fuel technology
Find out about renewable technologies for generating electricity and heat under ‘Green energy systems’.

Lowering room temperature by 1.5°C can reduce heating bills by 10%

Medium to higher cost options

Fit better controls 
Fit radiator thermostats and use them to make sure your boiler only provides heat where and when you want it.

Insulation and draught proofing
Improving the insulation and draught proofing around your home will save you money and make your home more comfortable to live in.

Use chemical inhibitors
Corrosion deposits in an older central heating system can cause a substantial reduction in the effectiveness of the radiators, and the system as a whole. The build-up of scale in heating circuits and on boiler components can cause a reduction in efficiency too. Using an effective chemical inhibitor can decrease the corrosion rate and prevent the build-up of sludge and scale, thus preventing deterioration and helping to maintain efficiency.

Replace your boiler with a newer, more efficient model
This will depend on how old and inefficient your existing boiler is and the fuel your boiler uses.

​Upgrading an old gas boiler with a programmer and room thermostat, to a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) could save you (assuming you live in England, Scotland or Wales) the following:

Radiator thermostat
Old boiler ratingSemi-detached houseDetached houseDetached bungalowMid-terrace house​Mid floor flat
​G (< 70%)£215£350£180£175​£95
F (70 – 74%)​£145£240£125£120£65
E (74 – 78%)£115£190£95£95£50
D (78 – 82%)£85£140£70£70£35

If you are eligible for a free boiler upgrade and live in a mid-terrace house with a ‘G’ rated boiler (check your boiler efficiency here), you could save £175 per year.