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Low cost gadgets to help increase the efficiency of your central heating system

The Radiator Booster

​Costing around £25 – £30, a radiator booster uses a small fan to capture heat lost out of the back of the radiator, circulating it back into the room. It can reduce room heating time and cost by up to 50% – all for a running cost of about 30p a year. It’s adjustable, has a built in thermostat and could save an average household £70 to £140 per year. The booster is particularly useful for large rooms and helps heat the room in half the time.

Radiator Insulation Panels

​Fitting panels or foil behind your radiators, only costing around £3 – £5 per radiator, will save you energy and money. Around 35% of heat from your radiators is lost into external walls, but radiator insulation panels or foil fixed behind your radiators will reflect heat from the radiator back into the room. They can produce the most benefit when installed on uninsulated external walls. A low cost solution, radiator insulation panels or foil are all about maximising the energy your heating system has already produced.

Automatic Radiator Valve

If you forget to bleed your radiators, or can’t find the key, an automatic radiator valve, which stays fixed to the radiator, does it for you. Radiators partially filled with air rather than hot water are not working to their full potential, so fit radiator valves (costing £6 – £8 each). A typical 3 bedroom home would need one valve upstairs and one downstairs (plus one for any problem radiator).

The amount you save depends on the number and size of the radiators in your house.

Radiator booster, useful for larger rooms.