Is it worth changing internet service provider?

​How many of us have whinged about slow internet speed and the number of times the internet drops out just at a critical point in some transaction, and yet we soldier on with the same supplier?

Recently both Simon and I @ecofrenzy have actually done something about it. Simon for faster download and upload speeds, I also for speed, but importantly to reduce the complaints from my son that his online gaming was affected by frequent connection failures!

Personally, I had put it off because changing seemed such a chore; finding a new company, calling both companies, making sure that the change-over was smooth, checking bills, etc.

Nothing was further from the truth, my son carried out a quick search on comparison sites, a chat with a few friends, a phone call to the new provider and it was done.

The new provider was excellent, with a simple “leave it to us” from the guy on the other end of the phone line and we were up and running in just a few weeks.

We now have 10 times the speed, very few connection failures and we are saving £10 per month, not too bad!

If you are still concerned, try joining and put the question out to your local community, someone will help you.

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