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Is anyone really taking rising carbon dioxide levels seriously?

Just 2 years ago most countries in the world signed a treaty in Paris to help reduce CO₂ output to try and reduce the detrimental planetary effects that are associated with CO₂ rise. They all agreed to reduce their production of greenhouse gases in the knowledge that if they did not the consequences for mankind could be dire.

What a joke!

More than ever, countries are dependent on growth, more cars, more aeroplanes, more houses, more airports, and more stuff for more people…

CO₂ recently hit an 800,000 year high (actually it is much longer than that, we only have ice core samples that go back 800,000 years). The Earth’s temperature is rising, climate is changing, the seas are becoming more acidic and sea levels are rising. The ice is disappearing which means more radiation hits the ocean rather than being reflected back into space by ice and so the heating process accelerates. We may be at the tipping point so more urgently than ever we need to do something about it.

We all need to act right now, that is why we at EcoFrenzy are so passionate about giving ideas to anyone who is interested so that we can all help.

Just think what a million people can achieve together. Then what if a few billionaires put their resources together they could change the world, they could force governments to change strategies. They could develop more products to capture CO₂ and return it under pressure to where it came from, i.e. underground. After all the majority of CO₂ has come from hydrocarbons we have used as fuel over the last couple of centuries.

It’s very easy to bury your head in the sand and say, “There’s nothing I can do,” but there is, so come on, contact your MP and ask what their party is doing and what they are doing individually. If enough of us have a go, they have to listen, they have to do something to appease us, they want our votes.

Next, boycott products from countries that are deliberately flaunting the agreement (such as China and USA), unfortunately not as easy as it sounds.

Finally take a look through the EcoFrenzy website to start your own crusade.

Good luck!