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How much CO₂ can you save with our lifestyle changes

Melting ice caps floating in the sea during a misty day

1. Halve the times you use your tumble dryer from 150 to 75 times a year and save 85kg CO₂.

2. Reduce your freezer temperature from -25C to -18C and save 30kg CO₂ per year.

3. Replace 5 x 50W halogen lamps with 5 x 3.5W LED lamps and save 130kg CO₂ each year.

4. Reduce your power shower from 8 minutes to 4 minutes per day and save 245kg CO₂ over a year.

5. Turn off your cooker 10 minutes before the end of cooking time and save 35kg CO₂ per year.

6. Boil just the water you need in your kettle and you could reduce your CO₂ output by 60kg per year.

All these small changes add up to 585kg of CO₂ savings in just one year.

If 1.12 million people did the same the CO₂ savings in 1 year would be equivalent to the total weight of the largest fully laden tanker ever built.

That’s quite an achievement!!