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Insulation and Draught Proofing





NOTE: CO₂ savings after embedded CO₂ payback

In this section we look at ideas to help improve insulation in your home.

We should point out that government grants are available for cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, but there is no money available for the other methods of insulation shown below.

Just about every insulation requires a financial input, if you do not fulfil the criteria to receive a government grant this means there will be a financial pay-back periods for each product. Check the numbers carefully before launching into costly actions.

Payback – if a product costs £1,000 and saves you £100 a year, then the payback period is 1,000 ÷100 = 10 years

Also, we indicate the CO₂e savings when you install insulation, but it’s important to understand that the environmental benefit of a reduced CO₂e footprint due to insulation only starts once the embedded CO₂e in an insulation material as well as the CO₂e generated during its transport and installation is removed from the equation.

Payback is calculated in a similar way to cost savings e.g. the embedded CO₂e + CO₂e from transport and installation divided by CO₂e savings due to insulation = payback period in years.

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