Here are a few ideas for a green Christmas

We love this time of year, just a shame that it has become so commercial. With this in mind we have come up with a few different ideas that could help you save some cash, help the environment and bring some cheer to you, your friends and your relatives.

Why not buy a Christmas tree with roots and plant it out after January 5th ready for next year. In the long term this will save you loads of money and help the environment at the same time. Some garden centres even rent out Christmas trees just for the festive season.

Instead of buying lots of stuff that friends and family may not want you could make them their favourite food dish or maybe a cake. At least you can be pretty sure they will not waste that gift.

Buy some eco-clothing for your loved ones, maybe a beautiful bamboo shirt or dress, they last for ages and look great, avoid polyester and other synthetic materials they are a disaster for the environment as you probably saw on Blue Planet II

How about encouraging someone to grow their own fruit and veg next year, buy them a range of seeds or maybe a raspberry bush or even an apple tree. Great fun, good for their health and the possibility of a delicious crop of produce helping to save them a few quid as well.

This Christmas think through what you will need to feed your hoard, it is so easy to go completely overboard and half the food is left over. Even if you make a mistake and there is a huge pile of uneaten dinner, check out ‘’ they have plenty of ideas to help with reducing the waste.

Whatever you do over Christmas have a great time but try and be green.