Ecofrenzy – Teaching and presentations

​“I recently asked EcoFrenzy to do a lecture to my undergraduate Interior Design students. Tony and Simon gave a truly inspirational talk, covering a range of topics regarding sustainability. Whilst they covered main issues, such as energy and climate, they had also prepared a subject specific element to expand on eco friendly materials and technology for the built environment. This really engaged the students and left them excited and passionate about using this knowledge for their future design work.

​This lecture was a spring board for a module on Ethics and Sustainability for the Interior Design industry, and this enlightening talk left us all with much greater appreciation and understanding of the immediate need for consideration to the way we build our environment. I think it is so important to educate the young generation with these issues, as it really is their future.

​​I intend to invite EcoFrenzy back each year for the same lecture, and also encourage other subject areas to do the same. In my opinion it should be a mandatory subject for all students.

​Thank you Tony and Simon!”

Sue Winslett
Course Leader: B.A. (Hons) Applied Interior Design
University of Suffolk

What EcoFrenzy offer

EcoFrenzy can now offer teaching to students on a range of courses where sustainability is relevant.

​We aim to help students understand the value of saving money, using (preferably local) materials in a beneficial way, the environment and general sustainability relating to their particular course. We can adapt the content of a lesson or presentation to complement a subject and ensure it is relevant to the students course, or for when they leave school or college and enter the world of work.

The future relies on younger people reducing waste, increasing recycling and gaining a general appreciation of the environment and why sustainability is important to them.

There seems to be a lack of education aimed at sustainability and the environment within schools and colleges, and we believe this is one of the most important times for them to appreciate the importance of these subjects and transfer them into their future working lives.

Our most recent presentation at University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College to the interior design course students lasted about 2 hours, but this may vary according to interaction with the students.

Costs: £40 per hour + travelling expenses

If you are interested in discussing this further, please contact us directly or submit the contact form:        M: 07468 589316    M: 07766 797341