Agro forestry I felt a bit silly after helping Greg Harrison of Sunshine and Green Organics to plant trees on […]

Less than 1% of water on Earth can be used by people, the rest is frozen or in salt water […]

We are all hearing that eating meat (especially beef) and consuming dairy products is disastrous for climate change. After a […]

What is going on, some countries are still whaling and even increasing their catch. They are deliberately flying in the […]

The fashion world has a CO2 imprint of about 1 billion tonnes per year, more than all airlines and shipping […]

We love this time of year, just a shame that it has become so commercial. With this in mind we […]

November has arrived and along with it a cold snap now it’s time to switch on your heating. Here are […]

When you think about it, plastic is probably the best thing that humans have ever invented (the material of a […]

During the 20th century the world population grew from just 1.6 billion to a staggering 6.1 billion. Unsurprisingly CO₂ emissions […]

My turtle conservation blog gave a very positive side to the turtle conservation at Tortugario zoo in Cuyutlan Mexico and […]