Destruction of the environment at the hands of man is happening at an alarming rate and yet we seem incapable […]

As the plastic mountain increases worldwide, it offers opportunities for innovative, clever people to think up better ways to use […]

Incredible, it has taken the most famous naturalist in the world, David Attenborough, and a 16 year old Swedish girl, […]

Funny isn’t it, how a lot of people have been convinced that just by switching to a smart meter they […]

Agro forestry I felt a bit silly after helping Greg Harrison of Sunshine and Green Organics to plant trees on […]

Less than 1% of water on Earth can be used by people, the rest is frozen or in salt water […]

We are all hearing that eating meat (especially beef) and consuming dairy products is disastrous for climate change. After a […]

What is going on, some countries are still whaling and even increasing their catch. They are deliberately flying in the […]

The fashion world has a CO2 imprint of about 1 billion tonnes per year, more than all airlines and shipping […]

We love this time of year, just a shame that it has become so commercial. With this in mind we […]