Check a few basics to reduce energy waste when heating your home

November has arrived and along with it a cold snap now it’s time to switch on your heating. Here are a few thoughts to help you save energy and reduce your CO₂ imprint at the same time.

1. Check the water temperature of your boiler, if it is more than 65C you are unnecessarily overheating water, wasting energy and money. At the same time check any pipe and boiler insulation to make sure it is properly installed.

2. Bleed your radiators to maximise their efficiency, water passing through the whole system will increase the heat passing into each room, also if you have thermostats on your radiators remember turn them to ‘0’ in unused rooms.

3. For a few £’s per radiator fit foil panels behind each one, you could be losing up to 35% of the heat from the radiators through external walls.

4. Unless your home is incredibly well insulated don’t be seduced into leaving heating on 24 hours a day. You will continually lose heat throughout the day which is more than heating your home just when it is needed.

5. Do not block specified air vents around your home, excessive condensation can adversely affect your health and your home. Please see our website section  condensation  for more details

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