Destruction of the environment at the hands of man is happening at an alarming rate and yet we seem incapable […]

What is going on, some countries are still whaling and even increasing their catch. They are deliberately flying in the […]

My turtle conservation blog gave a very positive side to the turtle conservation at Tortugario zoo in Cuyutlan Mexico and […]

Our turtle conservation project in Cuyutlan Mexico.

Any UK divers among you may have seen the devastation caused to the sea bed by beam trawlers. This is […]

Sounds like a new exercise regime, dancing in a swimming pool to build muscle strength! Strangely, in a way, it’s […]

Destruction of the rainforest in Indonesia (photo: David Gilbert/RAN). The growth of the palm oil industry ​Palm oil is the […]

As global warming accelerates we are seeing another consequence of the resultant increased atmospheric temperature, sea levels are rising. Over […]

Plastic, what an incredible man-made material, so versatile so adaptable, and look around you, it’s everywhere. Just one problem, it […]

As you drive along any road, have you ever thought to count the number of dead animals and birds killed […]