When you think about it, plastic is probably the best thing that humans have ever invented (the material of a […]

Sustainable alternatives to the mass produced synthetic nasties

Most of us are aware that plastic in the environment is causing all kinds of problems for wildlife, however at […]

We’ve all heard about microbeads and large pieces of plastic film filling our oceans but have you heard about micro […]

Plastic, what an incredible man-made material, so versatile so adaptable, and look around you, it’s everywhere. Just one problem, it […]

India’s capital, Delhi, has just introduced a ban on disposable plastic amid concern over pollution of the sea and air. […]

Following the recent Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall programme (Hugh’s war on Waste) highlighting the problem with disposable coffee cups that cannot be […]

The Great Pacific garbage patch is a gyre (rotating ocean current) in the Central North Pacific Ocean which has an […]

Thousands of pledges from members of the public to “Scrub it out!” have helped us convince many UK retailers and […]