Funny isn’t it, how a lot of people have been convinced that just by switching to a smart meter they […]

Less than 1% of water on Earth can be used by people, the rest is frozen or in salt water […]

Millions of us are in debt. For some, it is in control but for many it is out of control […]

As a nation our debt is increasing at an unbelievable £5,170 per second, that is an average UK wage going […]

How do you know you’re in financial trouble? ​Why do so many of us overstretch our finances at Christmas? We […]

Christmas is upon us again, and for some, the magic of this time of year can turn into a nightmare. […]

​How many of us have whinged about slow internet speed and the number of times the internet drops out just […]

Based on an article by Jeff Howell of the Sunday Telegraph. Cavity masonry walls were introduced in the nineteenth century […]

Here are a few tips 1. Have a frank discussion about money – how much they will have to spend, […]

1. Find a lodger The governments Rent-a-Room scheme allows you to earn up to £4,250 tax free by taking in […]