​It’s staggering, as much as half of all food produced in the world is thrown away, amounting to more than […]

Destruction of the rainforest in Indonesia (photo: David Gilbert/RAN). The growth of the palm oil industry ​Palm oil is the […]

Endless negative news about our failing environment can have a bad effect on our psyche to such an extent that […]

Here’s a nice little fact to throw into global warming debates. Peat bogs cover nearly 2-3% of the Earth’s surface […]

As global warming accelerates we are seeing another consequence of the resultant increased atmospheric temperature, sea levels are rising. Over […]

If you are sad like us and spend a lot of time studying packaging to see if it is recyclable […]

Image: www.goventures.org As the world’s human population continues to explode, the pressure on the environment and wildlife is driving many animal, […]

When we pour liquids down the sink or flush things down the toilet we think they will be sorted by […]

It was just 1859 when Edwin L. Drake drilled successfully for oil on a farm in north western Pennsylvania. Even […]

Here’s a fascinating fact… A Boeing 747 uses around 36,000 gallons of fuel over the course of a 10 hour […]