About EcoFrenzy

Tony Whittingham

Hi, I am Tony Whittingham, I graduated with a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from Westfield College, London University in 1983.

I have a total passion for sharks and believe there is no better way to spend your time than underwater watching the antics of the ocean’s apex predators.

I have had a variety of jobs over the years and even spent time working with one of the world’s leading coral taxonomists on the Great barrier reef, Australia.

My most recent job was as sales director for a company selling lubrication equipment into the rail industry. This may sound completely at odds with EcoFrenzy but was in-fact important environmentally. We supplied application systems which were mainly powered by solar and wind units delivering bio-degradable grease to the wheel rail interface. The grease reduced friction and wear between the two surfaces and reduced the need to replace rail and wheels. During the 15 years I was involved we estimated reduced CO₂ output from reduced steel requirement by approx. 200,000 tonnes. Not a bad return!

I have always had a deep rooted interest in conservation and a belief that we must change our habits to help save the future of our planet. Of course many people understand that we cannot keep removing resources, polluting and using energy at the current rate if we want somewhere for our children to live and enjoy. I have been involved with various environmental groups over the years including Marine Conservation Society and more recently the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to try and help make a difference.

In 1995 I had an idea, that being a go to web-site to help people save money by making small changes to their life styles. Behind this there would be an underlying theme of environmental benefits directly linked to the aforementioned lifestyle changes, and so EcoFrenzy was born.

I put a lot of work into the concept but had no means to develop it at that time. Since then it has sat waiting for a chance to germinate and flourish. Then one evening in November 2014 there was a chance meeting between myself and Simon Dry. We were at a book club evening, during which beer flowed and ideas were exchanged, I enthused about the EcoFrenzy concept and Simon leapt at it with gusto.

Since that time Simon and I have been meeting regularly to design the web-site. It has been a difficult task to incorporate so much data into a simple site to enable quick navigation to areas of interest. In time we aim to have a site where people of any age, any background can go to find something genuinely useful and of interest. It may be how to save money, it may be to understand the importance of CO₂ or watch a video of some environmental miracle, or see how celebrities are helping the environment, but be assured it will develop and evolve as more and more people express an interest.

Simon Dry

Having met Tony over a pint in late 2014, we discovered a mutual interest in conservation and particularly the marine environment. Much discussion and debate followed and an instant friendship was formed.

I have always had a desire to try and make a difference in changing the way people think about over consumption, and the way we use the ever dwindling resources of our planet, so when he told me about the idea to create the EcoFrenzy site, I was in. I could not refuse the opportunity to work on such a good cause.

I have always been involved in various causes, ranging from The Hunger Project and Greenpeace in my earlier life, through to Catch 22 (a mentoring programme to help troubled youngsters turn their lives around) recently.

​I am a designer and consultant who started work in agencies in London before moving to Dublin as a creative director. We eventually returned to the UK and set up our own business.

I have worked for a huge range of clients, including British Rail, Tower of London, British Airways, AIB Bank, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Eircom, Office of Tobacco Control, Dublin Zoo and Go Ape.

As a husband and dad, I care immensely about the future of our beautiful planet, and what kind of world we hand over to future generations.

Imagine the huge difference we could all make if hundreds, thousands or even millions of people starting following the ideas on these pages. With ever increasing fears about climate change, here are ways for us to collectively make a real difference.

I really hope that you, your families and friends will find this website useful and interesting. It is about saving money and energy with the important knock on effect of helping our environment.

Small changes in your life and lifestyle locally can help to make a difference globally.