A few ideas to boost your income…

1. Find a lodger
The governments Rent-a-Room scheme allows you to earn up to £4,250 tax free by taking in a lodger.

2. Rent out your parking space
If you have a spare driveway, underground parking space or garage you can rent it out by the day, week or longer. Contact justpark.comparklet.co.uk or yourparkingspace.co.uk

3. Let out storage space
You can rent out storage space in lofts, basements, sheds and garages for anything from paperwork to furniture. Contact storemates.co.uk

4. Take part in market research
Companies carry out market research before launching a product, website, advertising campaign etc. and use the general public in small groups to give opinions. Contact peopleforresearch.co.uk or researchopinions.co.uk

5. Be a mystery shopper
A wide variety of companies pay researchers to pose as normal customers to find out what sort of experience they have. You can earn money for each assignment. Contact checkoutuk.co.uk or grassrootsmysteryshopping.com

6. Pet sit
Some people find it cheaper to employ a pet-sitter rather than send their animals to boarding kennels. Contact housesittersuk.co.uk

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