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5 ways to keep your energy bills low

Money saving tips and improvements if you have a central heating system.
Save over £200 a year with a few simple checks

Put on a jumper and lower the room temperature
Lowering the thermostat temperature by 1.5°C can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

Check the water temperature on your boiler
If it is more than 65°C you are unnecessarily overheating water and wasting money.

Bleed your radiators to maximise their efficiency
Water passing through the whole system will increase the heat passing into each room.

Check your heating and hot water timer is set correctly
Check that the heating and hot water is timed to come on just before you wake up and turn off when you leave the house, there is no point wasting money to heat an empty home or heat water that won’t get used.

Set radiator thermostats

Check radiator thermostats in rooms that you rarely use, make sure they are set on zero to stop wasting energy and money.