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How to save money and the environment

​EcoFrenzy help you save money and the environment by making small changes in daily life that minimise waste, pollution and your carbon dioxide (CO₂) footprint.

Find out how to save money in the home


Save up to




CO₂ per year

Save money, energy, water in the kitchen


Save up to




CO₂ per year

Save money, energy, water in the bathroom

Food & Shopping

Save up to




CO₂ per year

Ideas before, during and after food shopping. Food labels advice and the effect food has on the environment

Insulation & Draught Proofing

Save up to




CO₂ per year

Plus many more money saving tips, ideas and recommendations whilst saving the environment

See how much electricity and CO2 your household appliances use with our energy cost calculator

Cost of living crisis help

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Don’t delay start saving money and the environment